Episode 67 - The Reflecting Pool

October 30, 2017

Story: "The Reflecting Pool" by Jess Hanna
Genre: Horror
Music: Kerry Kelso
Rating: PG-13

Isabella charmed Demetrius with her innocent beauty and effortless grace from the moment they met. Her virtue hides a deadly secret that threatens to destroy their blossoming romance and everything he holds dear. Evil comes in many forms, but none so twisted and destructive as the promise of true love.

"The Reflecting Pool" by Jess Hanna

Works by Jess Hanna:
Adverse Possession
The Road to Hell
The Crossover Alliance Anthology: Volume 2


Music Composed by Kerry Kelso

Good Snakes Flash Fiction Contest
(Blame for the "95 Theses Rap" lies solely on the producer)


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