Episode 63 - Kaleidoscope (Contemporary)

August 6, 2017

Story: “Kaleidoscope” by Michigan Reading Association
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: PG

A collection of student authors throughout the State of Michigan - Part Two!

Kaleidoscope: A Celebration of Michigan Student Authors
Edited by The Michigan Reading Association - Cortney Brendel, Elenore Glass, Amy Duncan, Kelly Vangel, Lori Ulewicz, Karen Allmen

The Day I Went Up in a Hot Air Balloon by Olivia Hayes
Friendship by Layla Williams
Farm Treasure by Annalise Gauthier
The Beauty of a Dragonfly by Madison Wiegand
Emotions by Miguel Dealca
A Day with Donuts by Ava Gedert
The Day of the Fire by Bria Loveday
My First Rollercoaster by Lillian Natushko
Frozen in the Snow by Natalie Schlaud
December by Jacob William Johnstone
Halloween Happiness by Sophia LaBrecque
Dyslexia Makes Me Dizzy by Emma Reich
Sick Komix by Matthew Mitchell
Scared by Kyla Ramsey
What It's Like to be Homeschooled by Karma Coleman
It's Such a Beautiful Day by Grace Alexander
The Necklace Story by Dayvon Watts

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