Episode 51 - Golden Failure

May 9, 2016

Story: "Golden Failure" by Matt McKinney
Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale
Song: "Christ is Lord" by Rick Lee James
Rating: PG

The Leprechaun returns to tell a tale about his greatest failure.

"Golden Failure" (Leprechaun Story 3) by Matt McKinney

"Thick As Thieves" (Leprechaun Story 2) by Matt McKinney

"The Saving Thunderclap" (Leprechaun Story 1) - Episode 20

POS: TOS Youtube

Closing Song
"Christ is Lord" by Rick Lee James
(From the album Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations)
Voices in My Head Podcast

Sound Effects Attribution: aaronsiler, Speedenza, Wolfsinger