Episode 38 - The Gleaners

July 6, 2015

Story: "The Gleaners" by Carole McDonnell
Music: Kerry Kelso
Narration: Steven Mosley
Fantasy, Supernatural
Rating: PG

Three children sea-ghosts travel to the land of the living to seek vengeance against the descendants of the man who murdered them at sea.

"The Gleaners" by Carole McDonnell
Carole McDonnell
Dark Parables

Music for "The Gleaners" by Kerry Kelso
Narration for "The Gleaners" by Steven Mosley

Works by Carole McDonnell:
The Constant Tower
My Life As An Onion
Wind Follower
Spirit Fruit: Collected Speculative Fiction

Cover Attribution: Adapted from "“Christ of the Abyss, Italy"  by Travel the Whole World

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