Episode 31 Thick as Thieves

March 13, 2015

Story: "Thick As Thieves" by Matt McKinney
Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale
Rating: PG-13

What happens when an everyday Leprechaun is mugged during a bank robbery?

"Thick As Thieves" (Leprechaun Story 2) by Matt McKinney

"The Saving Thunderclap" (Leprechaun Story 1) - Episode 20

POS: TOS - Not Our Savior Month: Omnipotools Part 1 Part 2
POS: TOS #59 "Up The Long Ladder" Part 1 Part 2

Trek Talk: The Defector (The Best Episode Ever)

St. Patrick's Bad Analogies Video by Lutheran Satire

Sound Effects Attribution: aaronsiler, Speedenza, Wolfsinger
Cover Attribution: “Leprechaun 2” by Ignacio Leonardi

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