Episode 24 - USS Sasquatch

September 8, 2014
Story: Voyages Of The USS Sasquatch: First Flight by Charles W. Russell
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: PG
A young graduate prepares for her first space-faring assignment aboard an unusual ship with an unorthodox crew.
"Voyages Of The USS Sasquatch: First Flight"
produced by
The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance

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Written by: Charles W. Russell
Directed by: Brandon Butler (with Jaron Belboda)

Featuring the voice talents of:

Brianna Summers - Noel Merritt
Tomas Guitierrez - Scott J Pigg
Capt. Gabriel Jessup - Glen Hallstrom
Maxwell Lynch - Kevin Powe
Dr. Elyssa Leeds - Deborah Adams
Moose - Tripp Hurst
T'Chak - Rish Outfield
Vashon - Kim Gianapoulos
Alpha - Laura Frechette
Path Commander - Robert Brown

Sound Design- Jaron Belboda
Music from jamendo.com and Kevin MacLeod
with SFX: freesound.org
Produced by: Paeter Frandsen, Jaron Belboda, and Ken Harmeyer