Episode 16 - The Unit

December 16, 2013

Story: "The Unit" by Mike Lynch
Genre: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic
Rating: PG

After the sun turned into a red giant, Sam Bailey waits for the inevitable end of the world with his family. But with time running out, will he come to terms with his past before it's too late?

"The Unit" by Mike Lynch

Works by Mike Lynch:
When the Sky Fell
American Midnight
The Crystal Portal
After the Cross
Love’s Second Chance

Music Attricution: Organ Filler, Wounded  by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Cover Attribution: NASA Goddard Photo and Video
Sound Effects Attribution: Robinhood76, Adam_N, kingsrow, matucha, rpew1, vrodge, runirasmussen, 3bagbrew, acclivity, RutgerMuller, Pogotron, pagancow, shaynecantly, Klerrp

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